REALTOR® Membership

  • Access to the NGLRMLS regional MLS
  • Online forms and documents
  • Online tax record database
  • IDX capabilities
  • Private member website loaded with resources
  • Membership in NAR and MiRealtors (with all their benefits)
  • Continuing education and other classes
  • Member communication tools
  • Conference facilities
  • Events and social functions
  • Advertising opportunities

Become a part of the largest REALTOR® association and MLS in Northern Michigan!

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In addition, we offer...

Staff Admin Membership

  • Available to unlicensed administrative staff of a member office
  • Provides MLS login
  • Does not provide full member benefits

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Affiliate Membership

  • Open to businesses from all other industries
  • Network with REALTORS® and other Affiliates at showcases, committees and social functions
  • Listing on our website and membership directory
  • Attend TAAR educational classes and seminars
  • Distribution of professional information
  • Advertising opportunities
  • Optional access to tax data, for additional fee

Our affiliates from many types of businesses know that there is no better way to access REALTORS® and their clients than by being a member of TAAR.

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